Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your Color is Not Broken on Your Monitor

So, what did I create today? Well, I am getting a pattern ready for publishing and the format that I originally created the pattern in is not the correct format to send in. After multiple tries to just change it an easy way, it was decided to retype the pattern in a Word document. The pattern is five pages long, so it took me a while to accomplish this. Then I edited 36 photos to be uniform size and removed the color. I still need to proof the new pattern, add the photos where appropriate, and add reference numbers to the photos. Not as fun/exciting as creating something new, but it is going to be good when it all comes together. This was after a day of continued help for my folks. Today we solved the problem of the dueling tv's. Previously at their condo, my folks watched their own tv's in different rooms. Dad is hard of hearing, so he wears headphones to keep the noise level down for mom. In their new apartment, both of their tv's need to be in the same room. My dad thought that with his headphones on, they both could still watch what they wanted. Well, problem. Both tv's are Samsung. When dad switched channels on his tv, they switched on mom's also. Mom changed her chanel, and dad's changed too. Ooops. Not happy campers. After a few phone calls and some internet research, it was determined that there was nothing that could be done to fix this. Sooo, we switched our tv, a different make, with one of theirs. The remotes now only work with the tv that they are supposed to work with, and a potential tv war has been avoided. Lots of adjustments are taking place, emotions are running high. Technical work on my pattern is probably a good thing for me to be doing right now. Jerilynn

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