Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Keys to my Heart

There are many. Friends that just magically appear on your doorstep and listen to the laundry list of woes (even though they have a list themselves) and simply say "give me something that needs to get done". Children that call for each grandparent update and also temporarily become the parent and offer a shoulder and advice. Friends that know the system and where to go to get help for aging parents that suddenly need lots of help. Blog friends that give me an opportunity to sit in the Red Chair for a few minutes and let me talk about being creative and patiently sift through the odd creations to find an occasional cool craft. The true key to my heart, however, belongs to my husband, Carl. He keeps promises without complaint, listens without judging, digs in and does whatever has to be done, is endlessly positive, and is my very best friend. My heart, though heavy with hard changes that must be made for both my parents and for Carl's former mother-in-law, is full with thankfulness for what we all still have. Each other. Jerilynn


  1. You and Carl are-an unbeatable team, and these challenges with your folks will only bring you closer, and appreciate each other and your life together even more. That's my prayer for you. Call anytime! Xoxo

  2. I am so thankful, for you, for that wonderful treasure at your side. The comfort of a thoughtful, generous, smart, helpful, loving, and KIND spouse is everything!