Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunkissed in the Snow

Usually this time of the year we are getting ready to head south to the Gulf Coast of Florida - St. Pete Beach. We have rented various places right on the beach for many years for the months of February and March. Lazy, sunkissed days of walking on the white sand, visiting the multiple beach bars, sipping rum runners, listening to live bands play music that we actually know. This year we had decided months ago that it probably wouldn't be a good year to plan a long trip. As it turned out, that decision was a good one. We are needed here, and the snow doesn't seem so bad so far. It has been snowing enough now and then to keep things nice and white. If I squeeze my eyes together, it almost looks like the sugar sand on the beach. I love this new fabric line from Sweetwater, Sunkissed. Fresh and springy. I get labels every month from them through the label crew and this month they have great heart labels. They also send a label with my name on it every time. I thought this month's would look great on the bag pocket. I wanted to photograph it today outside with better light, but it was a bit gloomy, and, of course, there was all that snow. Or, maybe it is sand. Jerilynn

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