Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Beading

I went to The Bead Monkey today on Grand Avenue in St.Paul, MN. They had some African Trade Beads that caught my eye, and one strand, a strand of very tiny copper beads jumped in my bead tray! I knew that those copper beads would be great with some of my most favorite beads from Loupiac at Etsy. I used the copper Trade Beads, some copper washers, and some copper eye pins that I coiled. The beads are so pretty in person...I think I like this necklace a lot. The earrings are simple, but easy to wear. While on Grand Avenue I had to stop in the Bibelot shop. I met some friendly ladies there that said very complimentary things about the bag I was carrying. It is the woolfelt bag that has the machine stitched blocks. I have a very good start on the pattern writing and hope to have it finished this week. I should make some of the bags, keep them in my car. When I get compliments I should quickly run to my car and make a sale! I really could have had fun shopping, then! I also discovered a fabric store just down the street...but...horrors! Closed for inventory! Don't they know I could have helped them with that? By reducing the inventory, of course. The snow started to fall and I thought I better just head on home. Even though a pattern was waiting to be finished, and I had some class models to finish, I could help but put the copper necklace together. Tomorrow is a new day, and in between visiting with my mom and watching Benjamin for just a bit, I can tackle the sewing to-do list! Thanks for stopping by. I love watching the visitor number go up ! Jerilynn

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  1. Great necklace Jer. Love the copper swirls and the beads are amaZing! Bibelot is one of my favorite stops in the cities. I love their clothing styles and jewelry. You should start carrying you sellable wares with you, at least totes and jewelry. You could support you shopping jaunts with no problem!