Monday, January 24, 2011

Trying New Things

Here's a new shape of bag I am working on. I got the general shape idea from a "famous" soft quilted bag. They are not too hard to put together, but one step in the construction is a bit difficult to photograph and explain, so I need to work around that little problem. In the meantime, I will just keep trying to figure it out. Carl has been remodeling a bath for Peter and Katie. It is almost done and looks really, really good. He said he ran into some glitches - old things not fitting into new things, new things higher than old things. He had to find out a way to make things work and I think he enjoys the challenge of doing that. Sewing is like that, too. Especially when you are making something up, not following a pattern. You know how you want it to work/look. You just have to enjoy the challenge of making it work out. It usually does. Life usually works out, too. There are challenges, glitches, dead ends sometimes. You just have to think about possible solutions, try a few ideas, and, get lucky. Jerilynn


  1. Love this shape for makeup. Tell me when you're ready to sell, ok?

  2. Lucky (and a good dose of prayer) works for me!

  3. Your fabric choices always amaze me. I try to "match" and then it's boring.

    I agree about prayer- sometimes takes "big doses" of prayer!!