Monday, January 17, 2011

Time for Grub, Buckaroo!

We are going to be watching our youngest grandson, Benjamin, for a few days and I thought I better make a couple of new bibs to keep at our house. I have one just like the new one I made today, but it has seen better days. It was made for Benjamin's father, Peter, and was used after that for our next youngest grandson, Jonah, when he was a baby. I tell you, those little boys look so darn cute with this little cowboy bib on! When they are done eating, you can just wipe their face with the bottom washcloth. Easy! Also easy is how to make these. Buy a bandanna, cut in half along the diagonal. This new bandanna was stiffly starched so it was very easy to turn the raw cut edge under twice and stitch. Place the bottom angle on the washcloth and stitch around the edges and the top in a triangle shape. Done. That was fast. To make it even more personal, you could embroider or applique a name or a cute, cowboy hat, spurs, etc. I think I am going to leave this one plain. I am thinking more grandchildren might be in the future someday, and even little cowgirls get messy when they eat! Each bandanna makes two bibs, and I did buy two red washcloths today, so maybe I will stitch something on the next one I make. Dunno. Jerilynn


  1. That is too cute, my grandson would look sweet in those, I'll have to make a few, thanks for the tip!

  2. I wish Ellen would have stopped at my house so I could have shopped out of her trunk! A new type of trunk sale is born! What a joy this must bee to share this love of sewing with your creative daughter. Love this. : D