Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Folkart Clothesline Bag Makers

Today I taught 14 students how to make the Folkart Clothesline Bag - I had 5 in the afternoon class, and this is the evening class, with 9...one lady seems to be hiding! Everyone seemed to like the bag and class and most all are planning to make another bag. I love teaching this pattern because it is so easy and almost no matter what fabric you use the bags turn out really good. Next week they all come back to the classroom again and I show them how to line the bag, make a zippered inside pocket, and make a handle. It was so fun that some of the students turned out to be ladies I hadn't seen in many years! How come I have aged and they haven't? No fair! We had some laughs and some treats. I am looking forward to the show and tell next time. In the meantime, my folks got moved into the assisted living apartment today - wouldn't you know that I had a class! Anyway, most things went smoothly. A few communications break downs, but I think after a bit of a rough start for my mom it will get better. Tomorrow I will help them further get settled. So with all this going on, what did I create? I made a batch of 7 layer bars for the students to munch on. I have found that if I bring a treat people think I am a better teacher! Jerilynn

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