Sunday, January 30, 2011

And Now an Important Message from our Sponsor (alternative title....This is How I Text Message!)

At the end of our hallway, painted pickle green, there is a little end table that Carl made, painted red, of course. Years ago I plopped down the Scrabble board with the tiles in a little basket and just started making messages with the letters. Special guest welcomes, holiday wishes, clever phrases. Sometimes I get surprised, too, with something that someone leaves for me! Similar to those refrigerator poem magnet thingies of a few years ago. Sometimes I run out of certain letters that I need, but there are always the good old blank tiles that can be used to fill in the spot. I try to keep it to one or two trays (it is a small table), but sometimes there is just much more to be said. Next time you come over, be sure to check the message table. It may say something special just for you! Jerilynn

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