Monday, January 10, 2011

I Heart These Glass Tiles

My mom has been enjoying having a ton-0-tiles to choose from each day. In fact, the wonderful aids at the facility she is at fight over who gets to pick out the tile for the day to match her shirt. They have been very good to her and I think she she will miss them when she moves tomorrow. She has a lot of Christmas/Winter tiles, but I thought she needed some Valentine tiles. The little robot couple reminded me of them for some reason. They kinda look like robot old people, so maybe that is why. I found the puffy glass heart tiles at Sun and Moon Crafts The tile is a bit puffy and magnifies the graphic underneath, which I think is fun. A few of the blog readers have expressed interest in learning how to make these. I will look forward to having a craft day very soon. It will be a good relaxation day after these next few weeks. I will give my mom these when I go over to their new apartment at the assisted living facility. Tomorrow is move day, and, wouldn't you just know it, I have two classes tomorrow that have been set up for a long time. Carl, in his Carl way, told me not to worry, he will be there for the move and the first day settlement. I guess that is another thing I like about that robot tile. Love happens even when you get a little old around the edges. Jerilynn

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