Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Molas, Hmongs, Hugs, and Kisses

Molas are sometimes used to describe a type of reverse applique from the Panama region of the world. Hmong, originally from China, applique is also a reverse applique technique. What is that? That is where you build up layers of fabric and cut away the top layers to reveal the color underneath. The heart coaster in the picture (made out of woolfelt, of course) was made by putting three layers of felt together, the white was on the top. After designing and stitching the simple swirly heart and zig-zaggy border, I cut away most of the white to reveal the red and charcoal grey layers. I started out trying to make a Swedish looking design. Oops. Guess I didn't quite get the look right. But, I could say I wanted to make a Hmong heart mola coaster, and I would have been pretty spot on. The other coaster needs no explanation. I am still on that tilted "O" kick, and I love doing cross stitch on the embroidery machine. Crazy how entertaining it is to watch a machine automatically make perfect little "x's". Oh!!! X's and O's!! Hugs and Kisses. I like the coaster even better now! Jerilynn

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