Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Can you believe it? I am making a new Folk Art Clothesline Bag and I am not using any red fabric! What is going on??? Well, as I have maybe mentioned before, I may be in a rut...I tend to pick all the same fabrics over and over and over again to make things. Red...check. Black...check. Gold....check. So, I decided to pick a palette that is very unlike what I usually work with. My stack has muted colors, with some woven stripes and some linens. The picture isn't all that great - night photo again and I am a bit too tired to fiddle with color corrections. The tote is only partially done, but I am liking the results so far. In person it looks like a faded rag rug made into a bag. A faded Swedish rag rug made into a bag. A faded Swedish '30's rag rug made into a bag. I can't find more specific words. I am looking forward to being able to work on finishing this project. Tomorrow is looking a bit full. We'll see. Today I had the second class with the ladies I talked about last week. Again, I must say, "what a great group"! They all came to class with their bag all sewn. Some of them came to class with a second bag sewn. Some of them came to class with a lined bag with a handle! Guess the pattern wasn't too hard to follow! We worked on linings, pockets and handles. Since each bag is very dependent upon many variables, the finishing is unique for each person and each tote. Most got the bag very close to completion. Most said they would make another bag. As usual for all my classes I learned much more from the students than they learned from me. I am a bit sad that there isn't a third class next week. I will look forward to running into these fun ladies again. Jerilynn

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