Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Buckaroo Bib in Action 24 Years Ago!

A fellow blogger, who also happens to be a former neighbor of mine, read the post about the cowboy bib a couple of days ago and sent me this photo she has of her now 24-year-old son blowing out the candle of his first birthday cupcake. She says, "Still have the bib. One of my all time favorites also". I love seeing all the faces of those little neighborhood kids. Both of my sons are there watching the birthday boy, but they are mostly hidden. My daughter, however, is the girl in the middle with what looks to be cake on her chin. What I think it is, however, is a big scrape. Her first day of Kindergarten she took a nose dive off the monkey bars. As they were carrying her bleeding and crying into the school, she pronounced "I hate this place and I am NOT coming back!" Until this picture was sent to me I did not have a photo of the Buckaroo Bib in action, nor the result of the fateful first day of school for my daughter. The bib continued to protect from messy foods through two more little boys at my neighbor's. The little girl did, in fact, continue to attend school. Great picture and memories. Jerilynn


  1. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over, I'll bet. Nothing like old photos to bring back good times!

  2. so cool! Funny and sad to see young photos of myself like this :) Thanks for sharing! :)