Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Does This Picture Mean?

I found my camera! I had taken a few new shots of my parents' apartment and the camera slipped out of my bag. I thought of looking on the car floor after I was cozily in bed...a quick, cold check of the car confirmed my thought. So, today when I designed this new coaster on the Bernina V6 software, I could take a picture and show you what I made! I didn't design it to be an applique, but I thought it might look good. The first step was to hoop the cream and charcoal felt and place a square of red felt on top. Then I stitched the red stitching. I removed the hoop, trimmed close to the stitching and put the hoop back on the machine. I then placed a square of green felt on the top and stitched with the green thread. Remove from machine, trim, replace on machine. From that point, I could just keep stitching, changing colors as necessary. When all finished, I trimmed the cream felt close to the blanket stitch and let the charcoal felt show a little. I plan to use this in my sewing room. I have made tons of coasters, but I have noticed that I don't have one currently to use while sewing. What is that all about? Charity begins at home, you know. Jerilynn

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