Friday, January 14, 2011

Have You Seen My Camera?

Yep. Somewhere between the new assisted living apartment and our home I have lost the Jerisew camera. Can't take pictures of what I created today. So, I will have to tell you. I worked on the machine stitched squares that are going to be a new bag. I helped my mother go through some drawers and bags and further organize their new place. Other than that, we went out to dinner with good friends, and went to their house to play a couple of hands of cards. Lots. of fun, good treats and a little wine. I read a blog today that talked about being creative and how he figured out at some point in his career that he couldn't just sit around and wait for a fabulous idea to hit him. He had to practice his art everyday and keep working at it and keep getting better. It was his job. So, I guess if I just keep creating something everyday, I will get better at what I do, and maybe create something good. I bet you also create/make something everyday. Maybe you make a co-worker smile, maybe you make a good meal for your family. Maybe you put together an interesting outfit, or try a new make-up technique. Blog readers are creative people, I think. So, today, instead of showing you a picture of what I made, I want you to think about what you created today. But, I needed to have a picture to show you, so I thought a nice summer sunset would be a good idea. Hopefully, my camera will appear. If not, I am not going to be very happy. Jerilynn

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