Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stitches, Hugs, and Kisses

This is a pretty Big Bottom Bonnie Bag. Woolfelt, of course. I love the stitches, not embroidered, just stitched with sewing machine decorative stitches. Simple. The inside lining and the little trim pieces on the outside are cotton. This is the first time I combined the cotton and the woolfelt. I think I will do more of this. I finished it right after we put Benjamin down to sleep. We are watching him for 5 days while his parents take their first trip away from him. So far only one text from the dad, Peter, and one call from the mom, Katie. He was a fun little boy tonight. I don't remember laughing this much in quite a while. I think this is just what we needed for a few days...playing and being silly. Jerilynn

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  1. Hmmmmm. maybe a project for our next WOW?? Have fun with Benjamin - they do seem to brighten the days.