Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mama's Got a New Bag

It isn't done yet, but I wanted to show this off. I still need to figure out a closure. I think I am going to do a covered button, maybe even put a little embroidery on the woolfelt before I cover the button. I had to adjust the size of the Big Bottom Bonnie Bag pattern so that the little zip bag would fit in the bigger bag. I think this is going to be fun to use, I just hope that the button closure doesn't look dumb. I tried a magnet, but the magnet I have just doesn't seem to be strong enough. I am sure something will work just perfectly. I have managed to do the stitched squares in between running back and forth to the assisted living. Things should settle down pretty soon and life will get back to some sort of new normal. Jerilynn

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