Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Hearted This Day

I have signed up for the Martha Stewart Craft of the Day email at Some of the ideas I get are a bit too Martha for me, but once in a while something catches my fancy and I bite. This one was such a craft. Love making potholders, still have some Isul-Brite in my stash, had some cute new funky fabric! 30 minutes later I had a potholder! Seriously, so fast. I made mine a bit different, of course. I can't seem to just follow instructions without trying to do it "my way". The two printed sides of the potholder are little pockets that you can put you hand in to grab something. The back of this potholder is more of that great print. I used a regular bias cut binding like I make for a quilt. The outer point and the inner point were a bit tricky, but I just kept futzing with them and they turned out okay. I think the pattern called for bias tape, which would have been a bit easier, but I didn't have any on hand. I think I may need to make a few more. I am sure after about the 4th one I will have those corners figured out. I went over to a friend's house for dinner tonight. She had a girls' day out with her daughter and daughter-in-law and invited me over for lasagna and wine...sure! I will be there! I took over my box of glass tile stuff and they all seemed to love that craft. In fact, I just left the box there for them to make more tiles into the evening. I left them happily looking at all the graphics my sister put together. And I left with a loaf of artisan bread...have you seen that book? Also, Jan, the mom made me a great apron out of two men's shirts. So adorable! A Mary Mulari pattern gave her the idea, but she made it her own, too! The pattern also shows how you can make a wine bottle bag out of one of the long sleeves. Just up my alley. I have some of my dad's woven shirts left over from the quilt I made him. I may just have to dig them out and repurpose. A trip to the new apartment to help my folks a bit, a new heart potholder, a great dinner, some early birthday gifts. Now a bit of red wine while sitting in The Red Chair looking at Carl enjoying "The A Team" movie while sitting on The Red Couch. Not a bad day at all. Jerilynn

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