Sunday, May 1, 2011

Second Try

Well, along with the horrible picture, I am not sure this new version of the WIP necklace is all that much better. I added some chain and some antique brass touches, but it still seems a bit on the yawny side. I will try it on tomorrow and see what else it needs. How many times can I take apart a necklace and re-work it? Don't even ask. Carl and I drove up to the cabin, oops, Lake House, today to measure windows. I also inspected the pine ceilings and pronounced them wonderful! We stopped at a carpet place and decided upon a carpet made out of corn...I am sure you have heard of that fiber. It is very soft, durable, and stain resistant, as well as earth friendly. I will call around tomorrow to get some bids from various places. If all goes well, we may have walls and carpet and light by Memorial Day. I sure hope I can introduce myself to my sewing machine tomorrow. At this point it probably has forgotten me completely! Jerilynn

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