Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finished Neutral Clothesline Bag that May Change Tomorrow

All done! Last night's picture looked a bit amputative. I will probably make an inside Big Bottom Bonnie Bag. I don't have a lot of these fabrics left so I may creatively piece some of them together for the inside bag. I keep thinking I want to throw one of these clothesline bags in the washer and dryer to see what would happen. I think reproduction fabrics would look good - just like I made a purse out of an old rag rug. This one wouldn't be too bad to try. Maybe tomorrow morning when I am fresh I will give it a try. Carl is at the cabin putting up more wood. We made the decision to buy the pine already finished and I think it was a good decision. Carl said the wood looked very, very good. And there is LOTS of it. He said if we were going to finish it ourselves with three coats of poly, we would still be putting on layers in August. Plumber is coming tomorrow for more hook-ups. More insulation next week. Carpet to go in the week before Memorial Day. The studio will be the last to get finished, but I can sew on tables that are on subfloors. Easy. Jerilynn


  1. Jerilynn-- This is beautiful . . I'm thinking of making one of these bags for a holiday gift. About how long should I estimate to finish one of these?

  2. Thank you Jen! Once you make one of these you can do the next bags in 5 to 6 hours. The first one may take you a little longer. I think 7 or 8 hours would be enough time to allow. Good luck! They are fun to do.