Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cute, No?

Cute, Yes! Are you sitting down? I The Red Chair, of course. I got to do some sewing today!!! I got home late last night from the three day seminar and was d-e-a-d tired. Today was spent going through piles of mail and paper that have been ignored for a bit, doing three loads of laundry, and getting organized for the parent move on Tuesday. I was relaxing watching tv this evening and decided a better use of my time would be to tidy up the sewing room. Once there, I spied a Sweetwater label sewing kit! I thought it would be a fast project to lift my spirits and re-introduce myself to my sewing machine. Well, the project took a bit longer than I had thought it would, but it is done and ready to use. Maybe not very practical, but cute. If you go to the Sweetwater site, not only check out their Label Crew and their Etsy store, but scroll down and look at the adorable charms that are coming out. Might have to add some of them to the glass tile collection of mine. Carl is still putting up pine car siding. He is working WAY to hard. This cabin project was supposed to be fun, but he wants to get it done enough that our kids can come to enjoy it soon. Once I get my folks settled again I will go up and help. I can handle a nail gun with the best of them! Jerilynn

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