Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Will Catch You Up on What is Happening

I am back! We were up at the cabin working, working, working. Lots of stuff still needs to be done, and this is where Carl steps in. He has been having a friend here and there help him, and I was that "friend" for a couple of days. I didn't get to use any of the power saws (a good thing) but I did use the nail gun. Quite fun, actually. We also put in the dock, which was a challenge considering the water level being the highest since we have been there. It is a bit droopy at the end of the dock. When the water level goes down, or when we have some more help, we can get that up where it should be. We got several walls covered with pine car siding. Looks great, still very cabinny. Not sure if we will get it done before Memorial Day or not. You can see the updates on my Facebook page, Jerilynn Lijewski. The picture above is of a vest I did before I went to the cabin to do all that potentially fatal manual labor. I had seen a sweater at the Bibelot shop on Grand Ave in St. Paul. It was white with multi sized snaps sewn on here and there. Very cute, but, cha-ching! pricey. So, I decided to buy some black snaps, and sew them on a plain white linen vest. I used brighter colored threads. I could have sewn these on by machine, using the button sew-on feature, but it was a nice mindless activity in front of the tv from The Red Chair. Lots less money. Still pretty cute. Jerilynn

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