Friday, May 13, 2011

Never a Dull

I am back! Blogger was down for a while and I could see the blog, just not post anything new. Then, tonight when I went to post something, I noticed that the comments I got on the pattern reveal blog were all gone. Bummer. I think that was the record number I got. So, anyway, for those of you who were so kind to comment, thank you very much. I haven't heard how they are going yet, but I looked on Indygo Junction's Facebook page and someone said that they liked the Permission Purse and the Cleverly Stitched Accessories. It is fun when someone you don't know says they like something. Also fun when people you DO know say that, too. Anyway, I am back on the blog again. For the past two days I have been at the Ricky Timms quilt seminar in Eau Claire, WI. Wow. Over 400 people have enjoyed mini lectures by Ricky Timms, Alex Anderson and Libby Lehmen. Very inspirational and very entertaining. Lots of laughs and wonderful to be surrounded by so many sewers and quilters. In between the talks I have been working in the Bernina booth and had an opportunity to talk to many sewers about the wonderful machines. I saw lots of current students and former students and had a great time catching up. Starting at 7:30 a.m. and getting back at 9:30 p.m. is tiring, but my head is swirling with new ideas. The last day is tomorrow. Tonight was a concert put on by Ricky Timms. Not only can the guy make fabulous quilts, but he can really sing and play the piano. Quite a wonderful show. While all this was going on, my parents are leaving the assisted living they moved to in January. My mom has gone into a rehab facility to try to get some strength back, and my dad is temporarily moving back to their condo until the sale closes in August. It turned out to be not a great fit for them. Mom took some falls and needs to be in a different place eventually. We are not sure where this new direction is going, but we are certain things will be okay. What a few exciting pattern debut, new quilting ideas and friends, renewing old friends, difficult family decisions. Add the whole cabin addition in the equation and you understand why I am sitting in The Red Chair sipping a glass of wine. I suppose it isn't such a great idea to borrow the AA saying of "one day at a time" while sipping such wine, but I think that I need to keep that in mind. Each day brings highs and lows. A beautiful quilt needs darks and lights to be interesting. Jerilynn P.S. I forgot to tell you about the picture! I made these a few days ago from a kit I picked up at Bead Monkey in St. Paul. I like this style of earrings and I thought once I learned how to make them from the kit I could make them on my own. I was right. They were fun and easy. Sorry for the bad picture!

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  1. Jeri...I have a couple of friends at the Ricky Timms event in EC...I wish I could have gone...but not in budget, and Jeff not home from college yet to watch dog (tomorrow!).
    We have had Ricky Timms at our quilt guild 3 times...he is great...and yes, his singing is as good as his quilting...I have several of his cd's and love listening to them.
    Sounds like you have lots to deal with your bad it didn't work out with the assisted day at a time really is the way to live...even with a glass of wine!