Monday, May 9, 2011

Bernina and Bracelet

Ever since my bead stuff has been organized, I have found myself putting together a little this and a little that while watching HGTV from The Red Chair. Carl is back up to the cabin to do more walls and I am in town doing parent stuff and helping Sew Complete with the Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson quilt show this weekend. Yes, they are going to be in town along with Libby Lehman. Three days of learning lots of fun things. I agreed to help in the Bernina booth during lunches and breaks. I needed to get up to speed on the new Bernina 830 so I went in for a few hours today to play. I had previously watched a few webinars on the 830, so I wasn't totally in the dark, but it is different being "in the driver's seat". Wow. Quite an awesome machine. Does most everything you could ever want in a machine...but at a serious price. Had I not bought the big Pfaff Creative Vision a few years ago, I might have been tempted to sell one of our remaining two cars to afford one. It was fun learning about it, though. This is the machine that the teachers are going to be using, so I am sure I will learn even more about it. Sewing a bit today on a fabulous machine, beading a bit today in a cozy chair...I would say it was a good day. I think I will wear the bracelet during one of the days of the show. Maybe someone will offer me a whole bunch of money for it! (BTW, the bracelet can also be a necklace. Cool) Jerilynn

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