Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tee Shirt Quilt Complete!

At the Lake House this weekend we celebrated the birthday of Mike, Ellen's boyfriend, and the graduation of Courtney. And, wonders of wonders, I got Courtney'tee shirt quilt done! After the pinning of the quilt (scroll back to past posts...I am too tired to put a link in) I did a meander free motion quilting over the top. I tried to go over every block intersection because those spots are a little thicker and I wanted to make sure they would be flat. I then trimmed the fleece blanket about 2 inches bigger all around, brought the edges to the front, turned under twice, and zig-zagged into place. Didn't take long at all. Now, remember, there is no batting or interfacing, so the quilt is very soft and cuddly. My daughter-in-law, Sarah, is a middle school teacher and her principal is retiring this year. She asked if I had any ideas for a good gift for this lady. I suggested a tee shirt quilt! She has a few school printed shirts, and she is going to ask other teachers for some. Won't this be a great idea? It has been fun to see family, friends, and neighbors this weekend, and also it has been good to rest from projects. Next week more wood is coming to nail on the walls and ceilings...I am thinking soon Carl will be starting to work on the studio...EEEEK. Jerilynn

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