Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shower Curtain and Hooks

The shower curtain for the hallway bath is up and the hooks for the towels are hung. Shower curtains are so easy to make! This one happens to be out of indoor/outdoor fabric that I got on sale at Joann's. Shower curtains are 72' x 72", so you need about 4.5 yards. because you need 2.25 yards sew together, trimmed, and then hemmed. You will have some leftovers, especially if your fabric is 54" wide. I wanted to put grommets in at the top for the curtain rings, but I only had gold ones, and the rest of the bathroom stuff is shiny chrome. I am funny about that, aren't you? So, I just made buttonholes and they work just fine. I did line the outside curtain with a plastic liner. Maybe with the indoor/outdoor fabric I wouldn't have to, but it doesn't hurt. Carpet came today, and so far the family room is done and part of the hall. Tomorrow the bedrooms. Jerilynn

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  1. Looks great Mom! I'm super excited to visit this weekend. Thanks for all of your hard work making a great space for us all to enjoy!