Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fabric Purchase

Today was the dad move from the assisted living back to his condo. It went smoothly and we got him settled as best as possible. They had an estate sale in March and sold everything except what they took to the assisted living apartment. They had three meals a day there, so all kitchen/cooking stuff was sold, as well as other "housekeeping" items. He said he went out tonight and got some basic things. We don't know how long he will be there, or how long mom is at the nursing home/rehab. He seemed very happy, though, to be back "home". I didn't get any sewing done today. After the move we went to Menards to buy a million switches, switch plate covers, plugs, etc. Those little things really add up! On the way home I stopped at Joann's to have Carl look at the fabric I liked for the master bedroom bath shower curtain. Yay! He liked it! Unfortunately, it was a bit pricey, $35.00 a yard. BUT, I had a coupon for another store that was for 60% off and they honored that coupon. So, a designer shower curtain for a pretty good price. It is called Oslo by KAS. I call it very fun. Jerilynn

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