Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I haven't been able to create anything in a couple of days. More wood is coming early tomorrow morning and that should mostly do the studio walls and ceiling, so all the sewing stuff has been pushed together and covered for safety. Carl will need lots of help with the ceiling part - there is a scaffolding in place, but it is pretty hard to keep climbing up and down to cut pieces and then nail them. Joe, the builder, is doing that very same thing with the outside siding (red, of course). Very, very windy today and we have been listening for any falls from him. Yikes. I am waiting on some fabric I ordered for bedroom curtains for us. I hope we like it. I don't think it is returnable, so I think it will be just right. The pictures show The Red Chair that is at the cabin - a must. The second shot is of our bathroom tub - the handles can't be put on until the tiles are on, and we are waiting on the tile ladies. The tub, meanwhile, is nice and deep, so Carl said I could use this handy-dandy tool to fill the tub. The last shot is just of the hall to the guest bedrooms, hall bathrooms, and stairway to Heaven. At the end of the hall is a red door that still has the plastic on. They poured the garage last week, but the garage stairs still need to be done. We will take the plastic off after that. I am anxious to get pictures hung. I think the place will have much more personality after that, don't you? Jerilynn P.S. Carl is just finishing the bathroom vanity. It is based on this one from Russell and MacKenna. $1800. I think Carl said his is going to cost around $125. I will still need to paint it, but I can buy a lot of paint for the difference!

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