Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Fire in the Fire Pit

Patrick tool this cool shot with his iPhone. Not sure what ap he used, but it is very fun. You can see that we still need siding, but Joe has worked for two days since this picture was taken, so much more of the house is red (did you know that Red is my Favorite Color?). I have been at our Condo for a few days to get some things done around here and Carl has been hard at work still. He and his pal, Tom, got most of the family room ceiling done, and Carl said he has most of the master vanity built. When I go back up to the cabin for a couple of days, I will be the "helper". I am hoping I can use the nail gun again. While at home, the fabric I ordered for the master bedroom windows arrived. I will try to show you it tomorrow. I really like it, but the wild bird print will not look all that good with it. In the meantime, I am not keen on the shower curtain for the hall bath, so I may use the birds in there. I will give it more thought. Jerilynn

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