Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Sewing Room

Well, I guess the great sewing area overlooking the lake was short-lived. All my sewing stuff and beading stuff and glass tile stuff is now located in the bathroom of the studio. I suppose I can perch on the edge of the tub to run the sewing machine. Ironing and cutting may be a problem.
Are you wondering why I am not so sad that I cannot possible update this blog? It is temporary, I have been told. Tim is coming up tomorrow night to help Carl finish up some wood and help him install the studio floor. We decided that if we pile all the stuff in the already-floored-bathroom, it would give a clear shot to get the work done. This means that there will be no sewing for a few days, but then...I can set up shop! I agreed to do the Sew Club lecture in August at Sew Complete and don't have any fabulous ideas yet. I sat down a couple of nights ago in The Red Chair and made a list of possible projects. The good news is that I came up with a pretty good list. The bad news is that none of the items on the list are finished, some are not even started. I have a feeling that showing pictures of curtains and wood walls just might not be very interesting. I tend to live by the motto that "things will work out for the best". I can't wait to see what I am going to talk about and show! Jerilynn P.S. I found one of my patterns for sale on Amazon. Really?

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  1. Speaking of your patterns, where can we buy them?? Place is looking great - kudos to you and Carl - does he ever stop "building"?