Thursday, June 23, 2011

What!? You Don't Have Any Dishcloths????!!!

Daughter-in-law number 2 casually mentioned that they a) didn't have any wool felt coasters, and b) didn't have any knit dishcloths. What??? How can that be? How can some have so much and some have so little? This almost seems political in nature. My sewing has stopped for a few days...floor is starting tomorrow for the studio...but my knitting needles are operational. Two dishcloths down. Who knows how many more to go. Ballband of Mason Dixon fame is the brown/blue one, and the other blue one is just garter stitch. I am working on a seed stitch cloth now. I love how bumpy the seed stitch is and feel it does a good job at washing things because of the bumps. Jerilynn

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