Thursday, June 9, 2011

Much Better Now

What is much better now, you ask? Well, my computer is better. The shower curtain in the hall bath looks better. Pictures on the wall are better. I am feeling better. Last night I couldn't get internet explorer to load. No matter what I tried. Ugh. This morning I did a virus scan and all was fine. So, I did a system defrag, that took a long time, and, POOF, all is fine. In the meantime, I decided that the stripe shower curtain I made for the hallway bath was awful. I made a rooky mistake: I didn't cut off the selvages of the fabric before I sewed the seams - I though that it would save time and prevent raveling. Well, maybe so, but what it also did was cause puckering seams and it looked pretty bad. Plus the stripe was not very inspiring. I decided that the bird fabric that I was originally going to use in the master bath was just what I needed. I cut off the edges before sewing and it hangs much better than the stripe curtain. I also had the chance to hang up some pictures now that most of the trim is done on the second floor. I had lots of calendar pages I framed from Linea Designs. Love the graphic look of them. I also had a 2o1o calendar from Betsy Bowen, a woodcut print artist out of Grand Marais, MN. I framed three of the monthly prints for the bathroom, and they look really good with the bird print. I went to Betsy Bowen's web site and found out that previous year's calendars are on sale, so I ordered a couple more years. For $5 for a calendar I have 12 prints that will look great framed! I got the curtains for one master bedroom window done, two more to go. Current curtain rods aren't long enough, so a trip to the store to get new ones will be on the agenda for tomorrow. Carl continues to be a wood cutting/nailing machine. Floor two done, main floor should be done tomorrow, then the STUDIO BATHROOM is next!! Jerilynn


  1. Looks great and the calendar prints look wonderful. I saw a cute cottage picture of an oar mounted as a curtain rod, coiled that be long enough?

  2. Good call! Betsey Bowen and bird prints. Two of our favorite things.