Saturday, June 25, 2011

Antique Sewing Case + Ikea sinktop = ???

Well, I think this might work...and I think it will look a bit interesting. Behind the sink (you can only see the bottom - sorry) is an antique sewing machine cabinet ( no machine inside!). I think Carl can fit the sink on to the top and I can use this as the vanity in the studio bathroom. Not a lot of storage, but it is a conversation starter. I will let you know how it looks! With Tim's help today we got all the trim done on the studio level. Carl nailed, Tim kept the saw going all day, and I just ran between the two. Plus, ran to get more nail gun nails, plus ran to the store for dinner stuff. Right before sunsel we decided to take a pontoon ride and enjoy part of the beautiful day. Another busy, fun day. Jerilynn

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