Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Blog Reader Requested More Photos...Not My Fault!

More shots of cabin work that has been done in the last couple of days, although today we didn't do any work! We just relaxed, took a boat ride with Ellen and Mike and Kali and Katie and Ben. We even watched a few fishes being pulled out of the water right off our dock. This first shot is of the studio bathroom toilet that got installed by Carl on Friday. Isn't it cool?

Carl got the wood put on the walls in the back area of the studio. Three walls are left to be done and the floor. We think Tim is going to visit for a couple of days and give Carl a hand with that. Woo hoo! Jarrett and Nick were up on Saturday and finished all the electrical work. We now have fans and lights in the studio!

Carl has all the wood done on the stairway to Heaven. Railings need to go up, but it is really looking good.

This shot is taken from the futon against the wall looking at the beds by the lake window. This weekend when we had a bunch of people stay, we have found that this family room area is becoming a gathering place. Movies, talking, reading...very cozy and open at the same time.

A look down the hall to the door to the garage. Red! Isn't it perfect! I also like how the ceiling lights look. I will have to take a picture of our outside lights that got installed on Saturday - they have a similar feel to them. Rumor has it that I may get a master bedroom sink, mirror and light tomorrow! I have more curtains to make. Never fear - I will bore you with all the details! Jerilynn

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