Monday, June 13, 2011

Are Pictures of Pine Ceilings Only Slightly Less Boring Than Drywall???

I know, pretty boring picture, but I wanted to show you what got done last Saturday. As I said before, Carl and I could not have gotten this done, so we are thrilled that help arrived to accomplish it! I am too tired to take any new pictures today. Why? Well, it all started early this morning while it was still dark out. All of our windows in the master bedroom are wide open to the lake view, so when all of a sudden the whole room was full of light from the lake, I woke up! Slowly going past was a big boat with the brightest lights I have ever seen! Very close to shore! Well, because I had been sleeping soundly, I thought they were police looking for bad guys hiding on the shore! So, I laid there shaky for a bit, then tried to go back to sleep. I found out today that it was simply fishermen trying to catch carp. So, after not getting enough sleep I still managed to: make four curtain panels for the family room windows, help Carl put up the wood walls in the studio bath, piece the blocks for a twin sized quilt, help Carl put the luxury vinyl tile flooring down in the bath, and soundly falling off my rolling sewing chair kerplunk hard on my bottom. Now, muscles hurting from helping with rocks yesterday, and all the other work today, I am drinking a Zombie trying not to feel how much my lower back hurts. A hot bath is in my very near future. Construction can be hazardous to my health. Jerilynn


  1. What a fantastic and beAutiful ceiling! Great work and so very beautiful.

  2. Jerilynn: Thank you so much for your very-understandable series of pictures and explanations! I have embarked on a huge curtain project for our expanded mountain cabin, which includes a layer of flannel and lining. We've enjoyed our small cabin since I was 10 (am now 75), and are in the midst of doubling its size, doing a lot of the work ourselves.-- including very similar panelling to yours! What you managed to do in a day would take me at least a week. So be it. Anyway, THANKS!! Ann H.