Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bathroom Beginning

Yep, more wood pictures. This is a shot through the sliding door (that hasn't been installed yet) into the studio bathroom. Note the well-nailed wood and the hand picked planked flooring. Yes, Carl did the biggest part of the work, of course, but I did help nail and then I handed him flooring to install and cut the sizes he needed. Teamwork. He is going to call Pete the Plumber (name has not been changed to protect the innocent) to get the tub installed. The door might get put in tomorrow. I will be away from the cabin a couple of days, so when I get home I am sure I will see some new additions. Not sure what kind of fabric I want for the curtains...maybe something with red? Carl picked up the countertops today for the master bathroom. They are black high def laminate, the same stuff we used for our kitchen at the condo. Mick, the counter guy, said our condo counter was the first he sold like that and since then he has sold 7 or 8 more. So, the countertop need to get installed, sink put in. Also will need to make a shower curtain and window curtain. Something with a little black in it. And red, of course. Jerilynn

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