Monday, June 6, 2011

Table Mat Completed Project

Are you sitting down? I got to sew today! Lately I have been pre-occupied with helping my folks with their health and living challenges and with working on the cabin (when I get a chance to get up there!) Carl is staying up there pretty much full time, and we keep in contact throughout the day with updates. His updates are more fun than mine (the excavators are here! bathroom counter is ordered! trim all done in the hallway!). So, while I was waiting for return calls from social workers, I decided to clean the sewing room, the storage cabinet holding unfinished projects, and the sheet closet. Why is it that halfway through a major cleaning project the area looks like a big bomb just went off? Anyway, I think I am more organized and found some fun things to take to the cabin to work on this summer. One project I found was the table mat fabric for the tutorial that I liked here. So, once I had most everything sorted out, I decided to make the mat. Went together pretty quickly. Not my usual color choices, but maybe that is what caught my eye. I could have done more quilting on it, but I do like the stitch I used. It is hard to see in the picture, but it is just a slight wave stitch. The tutorial said to do a single layer binding, and, even though I usually use a double layer binding, I thought I would give their suggestion a try. I really like how it looks and it was easy to put on. Not so bulky in the mitered corners. I just may switch my binding technique from now on! Jerilynn


  1. Glad that you got time to sew!!!!!!
    I like single fold binding for wallhangings and tablerunners...not sure about using it for quilts that will get used a lot. The tabletopper is really fun colors and pattern!

  2. Yep, maybe the single fold isn't so great for a quilt, but I really liked the simpleness for the smaller project.