Monday, June 27, 2011

Sink Top and Vanity Done!

Carl finished the studio bath sink top and vanity today! I think it looks great and very fun. I can put small toiletries in the cabinet drawers, and maybe stack some extra towels on the treadle. I need to find some small type of cabinet to store extra tp and some cleaning items. Rumor has it that tomorrow Pete the Plumber is arriving to hook up the tub. The blacktop guy is coming, also, to prepare for the driveway on Wednesday. The rock retaining wall is in...things are moving along quickly, now. I brought up more sewing supplies from our home today. I haven't found a fabric I like for the studio bath curtains, so I may hang a small quilt at the window until I find something. It might look good, and certainly give some privacy. Jerilynn

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