Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow, What A Crazy Good Day!

What a crazy, fun, productive day! Tim (son-in-law from Appleton, WI) took a day off from work and drove over to help. Carl and Tim decided to tackle the studio floor, thinking it would take two or three days. Well, after day one, you can see the results...done!!!! And, it is beautiful! What was funny, though, is that they had to trowel the glue down in sections, and at one point, we all were glued in the room...that was fine, we knew as soon as we laid the floor that we could get out, but the problem was that the trowel needed to be cleaned before the glue set up on it! The only thing we had on the studio level was the Toto toilet! We moved some of the sewing stuff out of the way, and Carl carefully cleaned off all the goo. I am not sure he was too happy that I took his picture, but I thought it was really a clever use of facilities! You can tell by the bottom picture that the floor is just beautiful. I have been told I need to wait until Sunday before I move anything out on it, but I am not sure patience is a strong quality I have. Actually, I have been thinking about Patience, and may do a small post on it at some point. What else happened? I made rum cake and banana bread and knitted a bit. Then, on top of all the floor excitement, the tiler showed up to start the tile in our bathroom! THEN, the retaining wall peopled showed up with a truck full of huge rocks. Oh my gosh. I didn't know what to look at first!!! I am glad Tim and Carl decided that I was needed on the floor project so that I could let the other workers do their job without me bothering them. Tomorrow the boys are going to finish the trim work. I think one will be in the studio measuring and nailing, and one will be in the garage sawing. I have a feeling I will be the runner in between. How fun is this??? Lots. Jerilynn

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  1. OMG, it's beautiful! Raina and Lee are putting that flooring in their house. We are in Madison so I showed her the picture of how nice it looks.