Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Master Bath

Wacky days continue. As you can see from the picture, the tiles are now done in the master bath. Hard to see, but they are white subway style tiles with a narrow black tile thrown in for accent. The plumber showed up and hooked up the shower and started working, with Carl, on putting in the soaking tub in the studio bath. Problems. Not all the parts were packed with a crucial part of the whole thing. They will be delivered tomorrow, but I was disappointed that it didn't get done today (back to the whole patience thing). While the plumbing drama was going on, the blacktop people came to get everything ready for the blacktop tomorrow. But, they totally undid the sloping aspect that the excavator did. They made it so that all our rainwater would wash down on our neighbor, which isn't a good thing. So, it had to be re-done. In the meantime my dad shows up to inspect the project and was right in the middle of it all! I thought I would quietly sew a shower curtain for the master bath and the window curtains. I got the shower curtain done. Almost made the mistake of not cutting off the selvedges again, but remembered not to leave them on. The fabric is a bit sheer and a bit fussy to work with. I got the curtain done, but not just thrilled with it. I thought the white would look good with the black and white tile and the black counter top, but it is just a bit boring. I got one side of the window curtains done with the same material before I finally admitted to myself that the fabric choice was not a good one. Bummer. I did get the fabric on a great sale, but I put quite of few hours in getting this far! I will leave the shower curtain up, but I won't put the window curtain up - I have some old curtains that will work until something wonderful comes along. Tomorrow the black top is coming, and the parts will be in for the studio bath tub. I will take some shots and also show you some of the studio that I have set up. Jerilynn

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