Monday, May 16, 2011

I Will Take You on a Tee Shirt Quilt Journey

Our oldest grandchild, Courtney, is graduating from high school this year. She was informed a few years ago to collect memorable tee shirts that she would like to keep as a quilt keepsake. I received several shirts (top photo), with instructions if the preferred image was just on the front, the back, or both sides. I decided to cut them out using a 13.5" measurement. Courtney requested a 4 x 6 layout, which should yield a 52" x 78" quilt. What I am going to do is show you step by step how I am going to do this. The first picture is the stack of shirts that Courtney sent me. Some of her shirts were a bit small, but we made it work. Then I laid them out, wonky style, on the floor. I will check color placement tomorrow, then serge them together with differential feed to prevent puckering. I will tell you the next step in another post. Tomorrow I move my dad from the assisted living back to their condo. I will be a bit busy and stressed. Good luck to me on having a good blog post tomorrow. Jerilynn


  1. I've saved a lot of stupid things in my lifetime, but finding a stack like this in my attic would be a treasure trove now as I'm sure one of my kids (or their kids) would love such a quilt. Sigh....

  2. Yep! 'tis the season...finishing up the Divine Miss Em's as per her design! Did one for the oldest, but the middle one said NO THANKS! Yay! cleaning out the closet and have dust rags with the trimmings!

    Happy Graduation!

  3. Dust rags! I forgot what great cleaning cloths old tee shirts make....duh. I am going to rescue the unused parts of the tees and give them a purpose. I may even get fancy and serge around the sides. Maybe.