Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Pinned!

I found a greyish, very soft, microfiber blanket at Shopko today. The twin size worked well for the size of quilt I am making. I set up two big white tables, side by side, smoothed out the blanket, and then smoothed the pieced tee-shirts on top. Remember, no batting! I pinned each square with about 15 safety pins. I don't close them - I just carefully transport to my sewing machine and removed them as I come to them while stitching. Saves a bit of time and saves wear and tear on my fingers. I think I will use a medium grey thread and do a big meander over the whole quilt. I probably won't get to quilt much on this until next week, but as soon as I do another step, you will be the first to know! Jerilynn

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