Monday, May 2, 2011

One Person's Coral is Another Person's Light Red

Florence at Loupiac on Etsy is destashing and having a sale on some of her wonderful art glass beads and I just couldn't let the orangy-red ones go live with anyone else! I used her destash beads along with the gorgeous lampwork beads that have dots and swirls, and threw in some red seed beads of my own for one of the strands. There is a great new color out there this spring - a pretty coral that I prefer to call light red. I am thinking this necklace will look really good with that color. If not, I am sure I have something that will let this neckpiece be the star! On the cabin/lake house front, I have talked Carl into letting me help him with the pine car siding. I think he is talking about letting me use the nail! Watch out world! If I suddenly stop blogging, it may be a digit problem. I will let you know somehow. Jerilynn

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic!! Totally Jerilynny. Good for you to use seed beads, I have zero imagination with them but I can see here how they bring color and volume, very well done.
    Thank you so much for putting life into my beads!