Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Catch of the Season and First Curtains Hung

Aaron caught the first fish of the season, a Northern! He and his mom, Barb, went fishing (in the rain) and Aaron caught this fish on his first cast. Pretty cool. Aaron is the grandson that had the really bad ski accident last February and it was very scary for a while. He has made a miraculous recovery, so it is only perfect that the first fish honor goes to him! Lots of help this weekend on the cabin. Accommodations were a bit rustic, but we all survived. By the end of the weekend, we have lots more wood on the walls, LIGHTS!, mattresses ordered, two rooms of curtains made (see the red ones above in the still-construction-zone bedroom, and a shower curtain made. I am helping Carl lay the luxury vinyl tile in the entry ways and bathrooms tomorrow. Tuesday the carpet comes. By Memorial Day, we should be ready to roll - trim will not be on the walls, the studio will not have the siding on or the bathroom working, and the outiside siding may not be on, but we should be ready to relax for a few days and enjoy the kids and grandkids. We are going to name the rooms by fish names, so that as people "request" certain sleeping spots, they know what room they are requesting. One bedroom will be Northern, one will be Bass, and one will be Panfish. Aaron and I decided the bathroom will be named Crappy. How funny is that? Jerilynn

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