Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Next Few Steps in the Tee Shirt Quilt Journey

Greetings from The Red Chair. I had a chance to do some sewing tonight! The tee shirt blocks were all cut out and I thought I would quickly serge them together. It took a little less than an hour to finish that step. No interfacing, no pressing. Fast. Less expensive than buying an interfacing for the back of all the blocks. And also very soft - just the well-loved tees! The top picture shows what happens if you serge two blocks together, or what would happen if you just sew two soft knit blocks together - they ruffle. The second picture shows what it is supposed to look like after you use the differential feed on your serger. This feeds both the top layer and the bottom layer through at the same time. Nice and flat. Just pick up the tee shirt squares in rows and serge them together - no pins, just hold in place. Once the rows are done, sew the rows together, turning the seam in opposite directions so the seam matches up. I then serged all around the outside edges to keep everything from stretching. Next step is to buy a nice, soft, microfiber blanket to use for the back. No batting, just the soft tees and the soft blanket. You can see why these quilts are perfect for cuddling! Thanks to a blog commenter, I rescued unused parts of the tees from the garbage and serged around the edges. Now Courtney will have a few nice rags when she sets up her first apartment. All in all, a very inexpensive project that the recipient will cherish. Jerilynn

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