Thursday, May 5, 2011

Now, Where Did I Put That Card?

Last month at Bernina Software Club, Jessi, the teacher taught this in-the-hoop little card case. Loved it! So fun to design in the software. I wanted to sew some out right away, but forgot all about it once I got back home and distracted. I had a great dinner out with Meg tonight (her birthday!) and she mentioned the case we did in class and how much she liked it. Memory restored, I came home and stitched out the project. First go round, not so good. A triple piece of extra felt got caught underneath and I didn't know it until the whole thing stitched out. Darn it. So, I hooped more felt, carefully cleared out the extra folds, and pushed the "go" button. This time it turned out great. Thanks to Jessi for the lesson and thanks to Meg for the reminder! Jerilynn

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