Saturday, April 30, 2011

Walk In Closet!!

Carl came home after several days at the cabin and brought along some pictures of the progress that he has made. He had replaced some old paneling with pine car siding when we bought the cabin in '07. Most of the rooms he did are being redone and he carefully pulled off all the wood he had previously done and refitted it for the new spaces. Not only did he save us tons of money, it was a very green thing to do. This is a picture he took of the big closet off the main hallway. Doesn't the wood look great?!! He has some new wood coming on Wednesday, and he will continue to put up all the ceilings and walls. He still seems to be smiling and enjoying the challenges. As far as my part...I have been looking at fabric for window curtains and shower curtains. I have several ideas, but I need some good measurements of windows before I purchase. With all the wood, I think I need plenty of color at the windows. This might be a summer-long project to get all the windows done. Jerilynn P.S. It has been suggested that it should no longer be called a cabin....I supposed Lake House would work. I will miss the cabin. I will love the Lake House.

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