Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Curtains for You!

Kitchen curtains finally got done today for Peter and Katie's new kitchen. The fabric is a dark brown shiny fabric with brown, tan and blue dots. The fabric did some funky things in this picture - in person the curtains look pretty good! I still need to get their bedroom curtains done, then some for Katie's sister, then on to the ones for the new cabin addition. The electric stuff is pretty much done - plumber comes tomorrow to finish up. Carl is starting the pine car siding by the end of the week. We are still hoping that Memorial Day will be the first "shake down" of the new rooms. So far lots of the kids are speaking up for reservations. We should have room for them all! It may not be completely finished, but it will be ready enough to keep everyone sheltered. I hope the studio gets finished soon so I can set up curtain making headquarters up there. Certainly there will be enough room to do a few window panels! Jerilynn

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