Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hallo, Rote Stuhl!

We are back home! Yea! Once again this blog is coming to you from the comforts of The Red Chair. A while back I showed you my Scrabble Tile message system, and my sister was all prepared to put "Hallo, Rote Stuhl" to greet me. We foiled her plan, however, by showing up a bit too early. I studied to be a German teacher, so the translation of the message would be "Hello, Red Chair"! Perfect. Also here to greet me was my package of fabric that I ordered from Marmalade Fabrics to make the table topper that is from a tutorial. This is the same person that created the color wheel potholder pattern that a made a few months ago. I love her style and her book, fresh*quilting. Her patterns and quilts are colorful, fun, and full of life! I would suggest you add her blog to your list - always something interesting going on over there. Now that I have my patterns all written and the samples all done, I can start on my want-to-do list. This table topper looks quick and fresh. Tonight, however, I am enjoying being back at home, in The Red Chair, catching up on emails and mail. Jerilynn

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  1. Jeri, I joined your blog. I am working on a name for my business. A fb friend who is in that line of business is all excited to help me. Once I get a name figured out I can have labels and business cards made.