Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Red Chair

This isn't a photo of The Red Chair, but this image that my sister found is quite the flavor of it. It is a little image, 1" x 1". I liked it, but that size of tile necklace is pretty small and I have been liking a bit of a bigger look. Just as I was pondering what to do with it, my sister found a square tile with grooved edges that somehow got sent with the plain tiles. It was the exact size of the image, so I did the regular gluing job. But, instead of a bail, I used 16 gauge dead soft sterling silver wire to wrap around the tile's edges and form a self bail. It is still a smaller image, but the silver swirl and bail dresses it up quite a bit. I had ordered some rectangle tiles with grooved edges, but hadn't used one, yet. Now that I have this one done, I am interested in making more tile necklaces combining the glass and the wire. I hope you had a good Easter. Ours was quiet and I completely avoided any chocolate. Really. Jerilynn

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  1. I love how the silver wire really dresses up the cool that your sister found you a red chair pic!