Friday, April 22, 2011

When Do You Come Up With Your Best Ideas?

Have you ever come up with really good ideas in your sleep? Or when you are relaxing in the bath? Those are my two highest good-idea-getting-times. I read somewhere once that your mind continues to subconsciously work on solutions to problems and you don't even know about it until the problem is solved and sent over to your conscious mind. It's like having a whole army of creative people scurrying around in your brain to help you out. I am sure you have tried to think of a name or place and have given up, only to blurt it out of nowhere hours or days later. Your subconscious mind kept trying to help you out. Two times this week I have come up with good ideas in my sleep. The first idea was a landscaping rock idea for the cabin. The second idea is what you see in the picture. As you may know, I have a few (thousand) glass tiles. I have, up to this point, kept them in a cute glass bowl on my dresser. Well, the bowl overfloweth, and the tiles are hard to see in a jumble. I tried to figure out a way to keep them organized, but also cute! Isn't that the whole point of all of this silliness? Last night I could not come up with any idea. But, when I opened my eyes this morning, I had the solution! I bought this wire tree last Christmas from St. Croix County Yard Goods in Husdon, WI. I thought it would be a good display for jewelry at a craft show - if I ever do one!! It was stored in the storage room, waiting for a job. So, I dashed downstairs, loaded it up with tiles, and I love it!! I can see all the designs and figure out what I want to wear. I will have to take some tiles off a branch to get a back tile, but that isn't as bad as dumping out a whole bowl of tiles to find one. Not too keen on the green, but maybe sometime I will paint it black. So, what is the next challenge? Creative mirror ideas for the studio? I'll sleep on it. Jerilynn


  1. Love the tile tree!

  2. You are so clever-both to buy the tree and to remember you had it for this creative and practical purpose! I'm excited to learn this new craft from a master.